2017-18 Update

Okay so some people have been asking on other channels what is going on with GameSyncUK, well the truth is that with other commitments I haven’t had time to work on it at all, with running a store and developing products for it, the manufacture as well as shipping etc takes up all the free time I had for GSUK. Add onto that the day job and you had a really unhealthy lifestyle which was all work and no time to sit down and even play games let alone stream!
Fast forward to today. It is now 01:35am on April 7th and I have only just got this (the stream/edit) PC back running. Last week it got a virus on it and so I started reformatting it at about 4pm yesterday! So now starts the long reinstall process but I saved as many setting and config files from the last install to try speed up the configuration process of the streaming software but as I said work drags me away a lot currently.
That however is something I’ve tried to address. I recently dropped some hours at the day job so I now have more time at home, unfortunately that has translated into more time working on PMDesign things and not as I’d hoped GSUK things. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will let things mellow out a little once this last piece of equipment arrives and I get it dialed in so I can then… Finally… get back to playing games!!
Also as a final note: Far Cry 5 is awesome!
Thanks for your continued support and patience through the last few months.