2018: The Missing Year

Over the last 12 months I have bounced around jobs and decided to leave my last one (and actually the highest paying job I’m likely to get) after 2 months because It was having a negative effect on my health and quite frankly I value my health more than I value money. Strange I know. After only 4 days away though I feel better and can think again… but that isn’t what you are here for, you want to know what I have planned don’t you?

Well for starters over the next few days I’m going to try come up with a streaming schedule that if I do get another job I will be able to carry on with, the last one was based mainly around being at home during the week with midday streams and editing clips scheduled for weekdays. This time I have learnt from my mistakes and plan on adding streams to evenings more than midday… although the occasional midday stream isn’t out of the question if I’m at home.

As well as that I’m also working on a way to bring more content to the site on a regular basis instead of the sporadic way it arrives currently with months between anything.

Social media is another place I have fallen short and I aim to work on how we push content to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

On the flip side I have the studio set up properly now and in a way that allows it to easily be expanded for multiple people instead of the way everything was in the way last time. I also have it in such a way that we should be able to keep an eye on the chat a lot easier than linking the tablet to Twitch and YouTube and trying to see the comments with that screen which times out after a minute.

I will fire off another update as things progress. Until then happy gaming and thanks for sticking with us!!