Oculus – A Rift In My Wallet

So tonight I decided to take the plunge and go for it. I bought the Rift. I had wanted to buy the Vive for the longest time but I spotted the Rift was down to £399 for both the headset and the Touch controllers so I had to, the difference in price between the 2 works out at £360 so you can almost buy 2 Rifts for the price of 1 Vive!! It had to be done.

So now I await the arrival of my VR adventures but looking at my current library of games in Steam and those supported through apps like vorpX I get to around 50 or so that I want to try experience in VR so looking at it like that and it is basically £7.98 per game (£8.58 per game when you add in the £29.99 for vorpX).

This weekend will now be spent fast forwarding my plan to rearrange the office and create more space before I dive into the VR world the slow way. My plan is to ease myself in with games like American Truck Simulator and Dirt 4 before working up to games with non-native support and lots of movement like GTAV, Half Life and Skyrim. I’m hoping this means I can get used to having something on my face whilst I play and get used to being in the game as apposed to ‘watching’ the game from a distance.

Originally the plan was to sort the office out and then upgrade the PC with another £600 worth of equipment before diving into VR but with the offer on Rift I couldn’t resist. I’m at that nervous yet excited stage currently, just hope it doesn’t take too long to get here. I tend to start doubting purchases if I have to wait a while and they cost more than £10.

Anyway I shall update when it gets here. until then I need to hit Amazon for some cabling before I can sort the office!!

Until then feel free to get in touch through the comments below, over on Twitter or via Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, pigeon, message on a squirrel, however you feel like getting in touch, do it!