2009’s Random Note

I was looking through one of my notebooks and found a note in the back of one that I thought was worth mentioning. In it I’ve written about the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards and specifically about the Best Soundtrack award.

The award for Best Soundtrack went to DJ Hero. This wouldn’t be so bad normally but the reason it shouldn’t have happened is because without the soundtrack then you don’t have a game. DJ Hero is a game specifically about music, without it then its just a modern interpretation of ‘Simon’ from the 80’s.

For me the award should only go to a game where you could remove the soundtrack and there would still be a game behind it not just some flashing lights. Games like Grand Theft Auto and NHL12 would still be games worth playing if you had no soundtrack, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Rock Band are not games if you take the soundtrack away from them.

This isn’t to say it deserves no credit, it does have a great soundtrack and having it nominated would have pointed attention to it and brought it to peoples attention but I don’t believe it should have won.

Paul M
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