PlayStation4 Is Official

Yep, that’s right the PlayStation4 has been announced at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting 2013. A controller sporting an integrated share button and front touch pad will be in your sweaty mitts on release day along with an additional camera (which looks a lot like Microsoft’s Kinect) which will work along side the DualShock 4 controller and also looks to include integrated speakers from the image.

dualshock 4
The Dualshock 4 Controller  (Photo credit: Dekuwa)

Along with a new controller there is also a new user interface that again looks a lot like they stole an XBox 360 and put a PlayStation sticker over it. But there is still time before release and hopefully they will make it more like the updated store and less like an XBox.

So far Killzone Shadow Fall and Drive Club are confirmed along with a ‘happy game’ named Knack which carries on the age old tradition of Ratchet & Clank gameplay. Along with this, a PS4 exclusive, Infamous Second Sun.

With beefy specs like an 8-core x86-64 CPU and a nearly 2 TeraFLOP/s GPU I suspect Microsoft will be scrambling to up the specs of the 720 before they officially reveal it later this year. Also revealed is the deep social integration with focus on both UStream and Facebook. Featuring things such as live streaming whilst your playing, and instant sharing (via the button on the DualShock4).

So far I have noticed a very British tread to most of the developers in this, a meeting live from New York City. They could have held it in Manchester, UK and got the same results and the guest speakers wouldn’t have had to fly across the pond.

In other news, we’re back!! After the longest break ever, GameSyncUK is back to doing what we do best… Playing games. I spent the whole of Christmas moving house and buying a new pc (yes that’s right I can finally play games on the PC again, the last time I could do that was back in 2002!!)

So what to expect over the next few months from us here at GameSyncUK. Well to start with we have numerous series that were meant to start back in 2012 but due to the laptops lack of power we had to put on hiatus. Thanks to the new system we will be able to start bringing them to you via the GameSyncUK Channel on YouTube (Thanks to XProductions)

Also expect more updates on this page, so long as the internet connection sticks around then I will do my best to keep you all up to date on the latest gaming news.

And on that quick update its back to watching the PlayStation Meeting full screen and just in time to watch the presentation on Watch Dogs (another PS4 launch title from Ubisoft)

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