XBox… One?

Stupid name I know, but hey at least we get to see the hardware. I wonder how well the voice commands will work in a room during a party, sure they work well during a press event but with drunk teens surrounding it. Also I think they have created problems so that they can solve them. I have never turned on my games console if I wanted to watch TV, to watch TV I use my TV, I don’t need anything else.

The controller looks pretty standard but has a great cosmetic update. They have still got the analogue sticks in the wrong place though Winking smile The grips on them look pretty sexy and the console itself looks pretty standard, a box with some slits in it and a disk tray. Black (because all great consoles are) and small enough to slide onto your stand.

So far all I’m seeing are a lot of online features with everything focused on ‘’The Cloud’’ something that I don’t care at all about. I play single player games and if I’m going to play with anyone it will be in offline co-op so all these online features mean nothing to me and to a lot of the people I know.

So far it is looking promising, I may consider buying it but I’m always going to be a PlayStation guy, Sony seem to have more of a heart than Microsoft, XBoxs’ always feel like one of those kids who’s parents buy them everything, they want an operating system for their console, Microsoft have been developing OS’ for years, its in their blood. When Sony create theirs you can feel that it was designed to do what it has to, there isn’t any fancy stuff it just gets you to your game and leaves you alone. XBox always seems to try be in the game as much as possible, constantly jumping up shouting ‘look at me’

But with all that said, I am looking forward to seeing more of the console and also see it in person because scale is difficult to judge on TV. Who knows in a few months I may have a PS4 and XBox One on the TV stand, I doubt it though.

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