Do you want Netflix on your console?

I have some Netflix pros and cons that will hopefully make it easier for you to decide if it’s right for you.


*It’s cheap. You get a FREE 30 day trial and it’s £5.99 a month after that and you can watch it every day, all day and it will still be £5.99.

*It looks good. The quality of the picture is as good as your TV/screen allows.

*It’s categorised. If, like me, you’re a big science fiction fan and have trolled the internet looking for films/series to watch only to realise some of them are just awful, Netflix can’t promise that some won’t be just as awful, but it will only take you a few minutes to realise and find something better to watch.

*Different ways to look for stuff. You can search by category, actor (and then see all the movies/shows they’re in on Netflix), programmes related to what you’re searching for or just looking for a specific one.

*It allows you to use your one account on any console/Laptop/PC. So you can use it at your friend’s house, and your siblings can use it whilst you do. Anything to share the price with someone else.

*It’s got a pretty wide variety of movies. Some are 2012 releases, they have a whole classics section, lots of categories, it even suggests new things to watch from looking at what you’ve watched already.

*You can always find your place. Unlike a DVD where if you watch some of it, stop watching it and come back to it a few days later you have to find where you left off, you can leave your programme/film for any amount of time and Netflix will remember exactly where you stopped watching it.

*Skips intros. If you’re going for a series marathon Netflix realises you may not want to recap on the episode you just watched, so it skips until you get to the beginning of the actual current episode.

*It’s better than Love Film. The only real difference with Love Film on console and Netflix is that everything you see on Netflix, you can watch. However, you spend a lot of time looking through Love Film lists only to realise that everything you want to watch isn’t Watch Now but you need to send off for it. Which means your monthly total will be higher and you can’t, you know, Watch Now.

*It’s for kids too. There’s a whole kids section on there, and some of the stuff is pretty nostalgic. Hey Arnold! anyone?

*It’s social. You can hook it up to the living room TV and watch with people rather than on your own on a laptop screen. But hey, you can do that too!


*It costs money.

*There aren’t many new releases. The biggest, newest release I’ve seen on there is The Hunger Games.

*There aren’t more than 5 or 6 titles per actor. Take Tom Hanks for instance, they have him in Saving Private Ryan and Forrest Gump but not Castaway or The Green Mile. So it’s hit or miss.

*You forget you have it. After years of just watching things on TV or online it’s hard to get out of the habit of doing that. When you’ve got to turn on your PS3 and then go onto the Netflix and watch something.

*Some of the stuff on there is bad. But you start watching it and then you’ve lost an hour of your life listening to someone talk about how even lightly steaming your vegetables will trick your body into thinking it’s fighting an infection so don’t ever cook anything.

The Verdict: It’s not as up to date as other places, and you can find yourself getting annoyed that you’ve searched for about twenty different titles and none of them have come up, you can forget to actually use the thing and end up paying £5.99 a month for nothing. But on the other hand, you probably spend more than £5.99 a month on fizzy drinks or going out or buying/renting things to watch. If you have a family or are part of one that knows what a Netflix is then it can be used from toddlers to grandparents with the range of titles they have. Bottom line, if you like watching stuff and you think you’d use something like Netflix, then get it. You can always quit after the 30 day trial and move onto a 30 day trial at Love Film….

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Happy Gaming,

– Holly