News and Breakfast

As I write I’m sat in a pub in Essex eating bacon and drinking tea, whilst this isn’t very game relevant, it is a moment of peace in a hectic few months where I can give you all a quick update.

Over the past couple of months a few things have happened, Grand Theft Auto V broke sale records, the PlayStation 4 took an early lead in the sales battles but the Xbox One is clawing its way back slowly and the WiiU is… Well it’s still the WiiU.

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games’ popular video game, released late last year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, has had four DLC including updates already in its short life giving offline and online players access to a range of new weaponry and vehicles to cause mayhem in the great state of San Andreas. Whilst most packs have had a much more significant effect on the online portion of the game (GTA Online) by adding new missions and extra clothing, a fifth pack which will be released soon will add more assassination missions to the single player side which in turn will have an effect on the in game stock exchange giving the single player characters a chance to increase their respective wealth.
On top of this the rumor mill has been fired up over a possible PC release with SimplyCDKeys offering the Steam key for pre-order at £44.99 and a release date of 19 September 2014.

In other news Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, which was delayed back in October, recently got a new release date of May 27th for the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC with the WiiU release yet to be announced.

In BAFTA news Naughty Dog‘s The Last of Us took home five awards with Grand Theft Auto V snagging three and Rockstar Games taking the Academy Fellowship.

Well my cups run dry so I’m going for a top up, for more gaming news keep it here on GameSyncUK. Also feel free to get in touch either via the comments below or over on Twitter where I’m @PaulMurday.

Paul Murday