The GTAV/Skyrim Switch-a-roo

So yesterdays stream changed from GTAV to Skyrim, but they are much the same… well I’m going to claim they are. See what happened was the GTAV updates messed with the mods so when I went to launch it for the stream… nothing, errors all over the place. My solution is to just reinstall GTAV and mod it from scratch. Luckily I have a list of the mods I had used and can still find them.

I also seem to have broken Skyrim Special Edition either by removing the frame rate limit or thanks to a mod. I had no choice but to remove the frame rate limit though because with it “locked to 60” it hardly reached 30 in some places, as soon as I took it off they shot to 61 (which seems to be the actual limit because even with no vsync options through the Nvidia panel it maxes out at 61 and glorious screen tearing). It’s strange that a game would set a limit of 60 but I guess if you are linking physics etc. to the frame rate then you need to but even that seems like a strange practice.

So now I am installing the original Skyrim with all DLC to mess about in, mod with explosive chickens (which still aren’t in SE!!) and go nuts in whilst Skyrim SE will be the beautiful looking adventuring one.

But back to GTAV, my plan with it is to create a real world, through mods like World of Variety and LS Traffic I am trying to bring the world to life and expand on Rockstars already living world. The plan is to make it so it feels real, then when you are a complete dick you may actually feel bad… you won’t but the possibility is there.

Whilst doing both of those I’m also upgrading the internet cable that runs to the office, it took me about 5 hours to run the last one but then upgrading the internet speed means that cable is the new bottleneck. Downloading GTAV from Steam should only take around 45-50 minutes, it’s currently been going around that long and is only 50% done. The plan is that if I upgrade the cable (and switch) in the office I should be able to start streaming online games as well as single player which opens up the world to the stream. It also means I can add that to the list of rewards for all Patreons from $5+.

Anyway any suggestions throw them in the comments below, over on Twitter, Facebook, subscribe on YouTube, watch us on Twitch and of course if you can please support us by pledging on Patreon.