Meet The Team

Paul Murday: Editor
He started it back in 2011 and currently heads up the site and does what needs doing. He still creates all the banner images and logos on the site along with posting about his current gaming experiences.
Twitter: @PaulMurday
PSN: PaulM-GameSyncUK
Steam: PaulM-GameSyncUK
Games For Windows Live/XBLA: PaulMGameSyncUK

For general information or find us on other media please the links below and don’t forget  if you like what we do you can also help support us and grow by heading over to Patreon.

Twitter: @GameSyncUK
Facebook: /GameSyncUK
Twitch: /GameSyncUK
YouTube: /GameSyncUK
Google+: GameSyncUK
Steam: GameSyncUK
PSN: GameSyncUK

(GameSyncUK are not responsible for information or views expressed on personal accounts)

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