DICE To Hire Anti-Cheat Administrator

So it seems like DICE have decided to add a new member to their team in the way of an Anti Cheat Administrator. The move comes after problems with faulty bans and PunkBuster  making PC players lives of Battlefield 3  a nightmare.

The new addition will be expected to:
• Analyse player behaviour data and process reports from the public.
• Work with account restrictions
• Monitor and keep up to date with the cheating community online.
• Actively share status reports with key stake holders
• Be active with our community and monitor game play status
• Take ownership of the cause and promote fair play both internally and externally.

One thing people are asking is how can you be sure if the ban is official  well “ If you can log into Battlelog than you have not been banned by EA or DICE”.
This means that the bans are server – specific not related to Battlelog.

I think its good that DICE have decided to open this vacancy for someone dedicated to stopping all the instability with online gaming and making it a level playing field where skill will be the main factor to overall results and scores.

If any of you out there have had any problems with online cheaters or problems with wrongful banning let me know and lets hope they find someone soon.


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