Microsoft Reveals Release Update for Xbox 720

With all the speculation circling around recently about the possibilities of next-generation consoles being released this year have now officially been cleared up.

Sadly a Sony executive has said that they believe they will be the last to announce anything about a next-generation console and Microsoft’s own French Marketing Director Cedrick Delmas confirmed that “There will be nothing new in 2012 regarding next-generation Xbox consoles” . He also said that the games industry “likes to tell stories” and that the current version of the Xbox is far from being over.

The main next-generation console soon to be available is the Wii-U ( in fact it is an eighth generation console along with the 3DS and PS Vita) which will be coming around the holiday period this year with full 1080p HD support and a tablet style controller .The controller allows a player to continue a gaming session by displaying the game even when the television is off.

The only option now is to wait and see if there is in fact going to be a big announcement at E3 and whether all the speculation is true. Lets all hope for something big and that it’s all worthwhile in the end when Sony and Microsoft make the decision to start the process of building what could be the best gaming experience imaginable.

Let me know what you think of all the rumours and what console you’ll be getting and why…


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