Box Art From The Past The Box Art Of Tomorrow?

The box art for Phalanx is notable for its unu...
The box art for Phalanx is a perfect example of the crazy art days. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What if the box art of tomorrow was inspired by the box art of yesterday. Remember when box art had nothing to do with the game and was just a persons impression of what it may be like?

You always got the feeling the person who drew the art had never even seen a console let alone played anything on one, but that is what made it great. The box art of today is just a screenshot with some text over it, anyone can do that, there is no excitment or imagination. A few years ago you could walk into a game store and quickly scan the shelves to find what you wanted now you have to read each case till you get lucky and find it, maybe game developers have just got a scrap book of covers and share them out at the start of the year so by June they are having to reuse January’s artwork.

The people over at GamesRadar put together a nice collection of what some of the modern titles would look like using past box art. There are a couple of covers that I think they should make, like the GTA:V case. Check it out with the link below.

What video game box art would look like if it hadn’t changed in 30 years

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