V2’s, Zombies and Brothels

Yesterday I Picked up Sniper Elite V2 and when I continued my game I came across this freak, he was jiggling about near a window. I thought I was only there to kill certain people, not crazy hordes of crazy long necked freaks but then again I guess the Germans had kept some research a secret, lets face it without their secret research into ‘Element 115’ we wouldn’t have had any zombies to kill in Call of Duty: World At War or Black Ops!!

SEV2 Stretch Neck
(Sorry about the quality, it was quickly snapped on my phone)

At this moment in time the thought of destroying zombies whilst drinking a cold beer with friends is the only thing I’m looking forward to about Black Ops II especially since they seem to have updated everything about it. Before GameSyncUK was around, James Mc and me came up with the perfect way to improve Zombie gameplay. Make it more like the local multiplayer  in World At War, all the multiplayer maps available, up to 4 players. It all made sense especially once they added bots to the multiplayer meaning you could sit there and play the multiplayer maps alone. Now it seems that it may turn out like we hoped as Treyarch have announced that it will be running not on a custom version of the single player engine but off the multiplayer engine with up to 8 player co-op which I’m guessing will only be online, but with it running from the multiplayer engine it does at least hold hope for us seeing up to 4 player local co-op play on a larger variety of maps meaning for people who don’t like playing games online we can still enjoy the multiplayer maps.

On a slightly different note there is an alarming lack of games that support local co-op, when growing up every game had local co-op, even pc games that required you both to use the same keyboard but still the feature was there, it was just a given but now if you want to play a game with someone in the same room instead of just having to buy a new controller you have to purchase a second console, TV, Ethernet cable and another copy of the game. There are games companies trying to make games that will sell like Call of Duty but they all miss out the local co-op meaning if you want a game that you can play alone, online and when friends come over you only have the Call of Duty franchise. I hope the games industry can get past this ‘’online multiplayer’’ phase and start making games aimed towards single player and local co-op. I’m getting bored of spending almost £50 on a new game to get to play it for just over 5 hours before I’ve completed the single player campaign. If I wanted to spend £10 for an hour of fun id have gone to a brothel!

Paul M
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