Microsoft Breaks XBox News

In quite possibly the worst kept gaming secret ever, Microsoft has sent out invites to members of the tech world inviting them to a special conference where ‘’A New Generation Revealed’’ which could have been a non Metro based Windows8 or a Microsoft Toaster but they decided to add the XBox logo to the top so I’m going to take a wild guess and say that we are about to see the newest member of the XBox family. Unless they have decided to compete with the PS Vita instead and are launching a hand held.

My guess is that on May 21st we are not only going to see the next generation XBox controller but also in an attempt to upstage Sony at launch parties they will probably show the actual hardware that will be taking up the space next to your TV later in the year.

Hopefully Microsoft will show us some new next-gen games like Sony did, not only showing exclusives but multi platform games (Like Watchdogs) along with divulging those all important technical specifications.

I guess only time will tell for now, all I know is that if I was developing for the next gen XBox and PlayStation then I would be trying to worm my way into every big event for both consoles, with that said maybe Infinity Ward should try muscle their way into the conference to show off Call Of Duty: Ghosts since the game has already been leaked across the internet.

All we know for sure is that on May 21st Microsoft will be showing off the next generation XBox, until then we can only speculate.

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