The Nintendo, No Show

As everybody knows, if you have something new in the game World then one of the biggest stages to show it off is E3. For years it has been at the cutting edge of gaming advances and this year should be no different, even if the line up will be.

Every year the top developers (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) all give huge conference’s which are streamed across the Globe to anxious audiences awaiting the next best thing. This year though Nintendo has decided that it won’t be hosting its conference amongst the elite in the gaming World, instead opting to continue the ‘Nintendo Directs’ which have proved successful in the past.

With all that said, Nintendo will still be at E3 with various booths and software on show.

In other E3 related news I figure this is the best time to speculate on what we will see this year.

Well first off I’m hoping for some PlayStation hardware, I want to see the console, launch collections and have a price and date. Anything short of that will be disappointing. There is a good chance Microsoft will be flaunting their new XBox 720 in all its… I’m guessing glory, since we haven’t seen it yet there is no way to know but here’s hoping it looks awesome. On top of the next generation consoles, I’m really looking forward to some gameplay footage from next gen games. Games like Watchdogs really has my interest, for some reason much as I moan about Assassins Creed, I’ve always wanted them to create a mix of AssCreed and Grand Theft Auto. Watchdogs seems to fill that space. Also a lack of bright white screens means I might not get a migraine every time I try play it which is my main complaint about AssCreed.

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