Ghosts Are Real!!

So last week rumor had it that the next title in the Call Of Duty franchise would be called Ghosts. Other than that everything was speculation, that is until now. Earlier today a tweet was put on the official Call Of Duty Twitter account which confirmed the existence of Ghosts, along with the image below appearing on the official Instagram.

In the tweet was also a link to the official Call Of Duty Ghosts Facebook page.

30 minutes ago a link was posted on the Facebook page to our first teaser trailer for Ghosts (see below). It featured no game footage but did tell us when we will get to see Ghosts for the first time. May 21st, Yes if your up to date on the news that is at the Xbox launch event.

The news is still evolving on this one and so far the game can be pre-ordered on GameStop and Amazon, on a side note the GameStop release date is November 5th which is the same date shown in the leaked GameStop adverts.

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