Look at My Hat!!

Fez, that highly anticipated game that was released last year (after it drove Phil Fish crazy during development) to much hype on XBox360 through XBLA. I’m ashamed to say after all this time that I still haven’t played it, even after watching Indie Game – The Movie. I’ve wanted to but I don’t own an XBox so have no way to… that is until today because It has just been released on Steam!!

While this is good news Steam have made a slight error in their pricing, just look at the image below.

(In case you can’t see the image: FEZ: £6.99/FEZ Soundtrack Bundle: £11.99/FEZ Soundtrack: £4.99)

Normally when buying things together as a bundle you save money, in this case it costs you… a whole penny! I know its not the biggest problem in the world but still that isn’t my point!!

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