FIFA 15 Challenge Results: Saturday


If you don’t already know over the weekend I used FIFA 15 to simulate all the games in England’s top four leagues (Premier/Championship/League One/League Two). I then posted the results and goal scorers here before the first game of the day kicked off to see how well FIFA could predict the real world action.

With just shy of 40 games played Saturday was the busiest footballing day and where the real test lay for the game. Coming into this the scores were almost level with FIFA and reality being separated by a mere point. But how quickly would that change and who would emerge victorious by the end of the day? The only way to find out was to go through every result and score them individually. FIFA 15 would score a point for every correct goal scorer, each fully correct score line and if it predicted a goal would come from a penalty. Reality on the other hand would gain a point for each unnamed goal scorer and for an incorrect score line.

If you’re confused about how it works lets take a look at the League One match between Chesterfield and Sheffield United.

League One
Chesterfield 1 – 0 Sheffield United
Chesterfield: 22′ Doyle

Chesterfield 3 – 2 Sheffield United
Chesterfield: 26′ Ryan/45′ Roberts/73′ Doyle
Sheffield United: 81′ McNulty/90′ Collins

Here FIFA gets one point because it correctly predicted that Doyle would score for Chesterfield. Reality gets five points though thanks to four unnamed goal scorers and FIFA predicting the wrong final score.

Another good example of how this can work in FIFA 15’s favor as well as reality’s would be in League Two.

League Two
Plymouth 1 – 2 Shrewsbury
Plymouth: 25′ Reid
Shrewsbury: 16’ Clark/90′ Vernon

Plymouth 1 – 0 Shrewsbury
Plymouth: 33′ Reid

FIFA walks away from this with one point for correctly predicting a goal from Reid. Reality got the correct score but with no unnamed goal scorers it takes away just one point.

I used this method for all Saturdays games and now have the scores for all games. Needless to say FIFA doesn’t come out of this too well. Below are the final results for Saturday on a per league basis.

Saturday October 4th

Premier League
Games Played: 6
Points Gained
Reality: 23

Games Played: 10
Points Gained
Reality: 30

League One
Games Played: 12
Points Gained
Reality: 45

League Two
Games Played: 10
Points Gained
Reality: 25

Games Played: 38
Points Gained
Reality: 123

Final Score After Two Days:
FIFA 15: 9 – 129 Reality

When we combine the scores from Saturday with those of Friday we can see that FIFA is trailing behind with no way to catch up but at least it gained a point in almost every league which is a bonus. The only way it could win is if it predicted at least 125 goalscorers and got every score line perfect which it sadly didn’t. For Sunday it predicted just nine different goal scorers across five game. But we shall see if it can repeat the surprise result from Friday and give us something amazing to end with.

I will post that later in the week along with a round-up of what we can take away from this experiment. Until then feel free to chip in with your views below or find me on Twitter where I’m @PaulMurday.

Paul Murday

All results from the BBC Sports website.