FIFA 15 Challenge Results: Sunday


Last week I used FIFA 15 on PlayStation 3 to simulate the 46 games in the top English leagues (Premier, Championship, League One and League Two). I then posted the predictions for goal scorers, final scores and in some cases how a goal would come about for a certain team. After Friday it looked like FIFA would do quite well in this challenge but Saturdays results saw reality pull away with a decisive lead being over 120 points ahead.

The rules are simple, FIFA gains a point for every correct final score and every named goal scorer or method of scoring (e.g. penalty shot). Reality gains a point for an incorrect FIFA score prediction and for every unnamed goal scorer. So lets crack on with Sundays results.

Premier League
Chelsea 2 – 2 Arsenal
Chelsea: 32′ Hazard/90′ Oscar
Arsenal: 43′ 90′ Sanchez

Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal
Chelsea: 27′ Hazard (Pen)/78′ Diego Costa

Sunday brought only 3 games in which FIFA scored points, in this game FIFA earned 1 point for correctly identifying Hazard as a goal scorer, unfortunately reality takes the score line and extra goal scorer points meaning it leaves with an extra 2.

Nottingham Forest 1- 2 Ipswich
Forest: 09′ Assombalonga
Ipswich: 11′ McGoldrick/44′ Murphy

Nottingham Forest 2- 2 Ipswich
Forest: 63′ Tesche/90′ Antonio
Ipswich: 19′ 71′ Murphy

This, the only game in the Championship on Sunday, brought FIFA another much-needed point again for correctly predicting a goal scorer. Reality took 3 thanks to the score and 2 goal scorers. FIFAs final point from Sunday came from guessing the correct score in the Tottenham game.

I used the method above on all 5 games played on Sunday, below are the scores for FIFA 15 and Reality.

Sunday October 5th

Premier League
Games Played: 4
Points Gained
Reality: 10

Games Played: 1
Points Gained
Reality: 3

Games Played: 5
Points Gained
Reality: 13

Final Score:
FIFA 15: 12 – 142 Reality

So over the course of the weekend FIFA made a few good calls but if you’re looking to place precise bets then maybe try flipping a coin or rolling a dice. Not all is lost for FIFA though because if we look at the time goals came it almost gets 6 marks, although only 1 was spot on the other 5 were around a minute either side of FIFAs prediction.

There is a positive for FIFA 15 though when looking at if it can predict a winning team or a draw. FIFA correctly predicted around 30% correctly. Is it enough to walk into a bookies and put real world money down, probably not but guessing 15 results correctly does earn back FIFA some of its credit.

On a personal note, after spending over 10 hours watching a game play football and then getting to spend a few hours playing it myself I still don’t understand the appeal of games like FIFA or PES, there are too many elements to accurately map it to a controller or keyboard. Yes if you play with friends I imagine they could make good party games but I don’t get why you would spend £50 on a game instead of £2 on a ball, go to a park and do it yourself. I’m here to be proved wrong but it will take a really special football game to change my mind on this.

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Paul Murday

All results from the BBC Sports website.