NHL 15 Prediction Challenge

NHL Challenge

On October 3rd I simulated an entire weekend’s footballing action from England’s top leagues to see how well FIFA 15 on the PlayStation 3 could simulate real world events. The most correct results for FIFA came from predicting which team would win, with it getting 15 of the 46 games simulated correct. To follow on I thought I’d put NHL 15 to the test. This time we will only look at predicting the correct score line and winning team but the rest of the rules are the same, from the default skill levels to the stock rosters. I chose to simulate 1 game for each of the 30 NHL teams over the weekend, unfortunately they don’t line up precisely so we end up with 16 games played over 3 days with Colorado and Columbus playing twice.

The PS3 visuals aren’t quite this crisp. [Image Credits: GameSpot/EA Sports]
So this time I was prepared and managed to simulate all the games before the first one was played. Again we are only looking for NHL 15 to get the winning team and correct score line. Below are the results it came up with.

FRI 24 OCT 2014
Vancouver 0 – 5 Colorado
Carolina 8 – 1 Edmonton
Columbus 0 – 1 Anaheim (OT)

SAT 25 OCT 2014
Buffalo 0 – 1 San Jose
Boston 1 – 3 Toronto
NY Rangers 0 – 3 Montreal
New Jersey 4 – 1 Ottawa
Dallas 1 – 0 NY Islanders
Detroit 2 – 3 Philadelphia (OT)
Chicago 0 – 2 St. Louis
Pittsburgh 0 – 3 Nashville
Tampa Bay 1 – 0 Minnesota
Florida 1 – 2 Arizona (Pen)
Washington 1 – 2 Calgary

SUN 26 OCT 2014
Colorado 2 – 0 Winnipeg
Columbus 0 – 3 Los Angeles

As with the football results a couple of weeks ago I will be back next week to review how NHL 15 did and, most importantly, to find out if it can beat FIFA 15 at predicting results. Until then you can join in using the comments below or find me on Twitter where I’m @PaulMurday.

Paul Murday