A Day In Waiting

So today has been spent waiting for camera batteries to turn up. Let me explain.

The camera used for the new 1080@30 broadcasts runs off batteries like all video cameras, the problem is that it doesn’t like to run off USB power meaning once the battery dies it needs switching out for a fresh one and only having the single battery it came with that means a black screen for the studio camera. Luckily the microphones are separate from the camera so the studio audio is fine.

Luckily there is plenty to be getting on with. I have started to figure out the broadcast schedule for Twitch and am currently working on each shows concept and theme. The plan is to have at least 3 regular shows with some random ones dropped in from time to time like when I get a new game installed or when I want to test something out or I just feel like it. But for the most part there will be 3 main shows. The shows I’m thinking so far include 1 that I really… REALLY don’t want to do.

Back story, I’m a wimp, I don’t do horror or anything even remotely scary. I don’t understand why I would want to be scared in my own home… or anywhere for that matter! I was watching “Teens React: Gaming – P.T.” over on the React channel and I wasn’t too bad through the first part, but part 2 where shit really picks up got me slightly. Ethan James’ reaction to P.T. was probably on par with mine, although I think he may have handled it better than I would! I mean we could find out but luckily I didn’t download it and it isn’t on PC… It isn’t on PC right?!?! Because with PS4 graphics it was bad enough give me that with PC cranked up graphics and I may actually cry. What makes all this bad is that I know and understand the concept of horror, I truly believe that I would be able to design and create the greatest horror game ever, I just wouldn’t be able to test it or ever get to play through the full game. The big problem I have is that the girlfriend doesn’t mind horror movies, games on the other hand she can be a little jumpy, I got her playing Alien Isolation last year on the projector and 5.1 surround setup I had and it was a good experience for me because for once I wasn’t the one who was afraid. When I played it I fully expected to die… a lot, and I did!

Somehow I’ve managed to convince her to join the stream for at least the horror ones and it will make a change having someone in the room with me. Better than just watching me all the time. I’m thinking weekends for the horror because we are both off work and “Scary Saturday” or “Spooky Sunday” sort of work. Although you could go through the days with Horror names, “Menacing Monday” “Terrifying Tuesday” “Wicked Wednesday” “Threatening Thursday” “Fearful Friday”. It works everyday but I’ll stick to weekends. The biggest thing I aren’t looking forward to about it is the fact I have to then spend the next day editing it! I would try stream every day but I know I won’t be able to stream the day I edit the horror show down because it will take all day the amount of breaks I’ll need!

The other concepts are more… me friendly. I’m thinking a regular first person show which opens it up more than just “Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and Doom”. The other I’m considering a little more freeform, like “sandbox” or something which allows me to explore games like Ghost Recon Wildlands, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft etc. all under a single banner. Naturally the plan is to start introducing more shows each week as things pick up then we can start breaking down games into more focused groups like the Grand Theft Autos with Far Cry, Saints Row and Skyrim (which is basically just whimsical GTA with horses). You get the idea.

So if you read all that, well done you, let me know over on Twitter and I will give you a shout out because you’re a bloody trooper!!

If you just skipped straight to the bottom of this here is what to take away from it:

  • I’m a massive wimp who hates horror in all its forms.
  • The plan as it stands is to do 3 shows each week.
  1. A “First Person” themed show featuring games that play from a 1st person perspective.
  2. A “Sandbox”/Open World” theme with games like GR:Wildlands, GTA and Skyrim all mixed in.
  3. A “Horror” themed show on a weekend and then try struggle through editing the video into highlights for YouTube the following day.

I have many more things planned but for now this is where I’m at and I’m still trying to get the capture card to stop cutting game out audio mid-stream. Until that is fixed I will keep it down to 3 each week.

Well if you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch via any social platform. Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook & Google+, subscribe over on YouTube and Twitch.

Until next time. Happy Gaming!
Paul M