GTA:V Speculation

A while back a friend and I (James-GameSyncUK to be precise) decided to guess at some dates we think the newest installment of Grand Theft Auto might be coming out. I have them written on a track sheet currently sitting on my piano but as we know, papers go missing (especially in this place) so I decided that I’d post them up here so I can’t loose them and also so that people can join in with the speculation.

PaulM – 25-27/05/2013
JamesMc – ??/04/2013

Feel free to chip in with your guesses in the comments or over on the Facebook page. Naturally we are all waiting with bated breath for the next series of screenshots or trailers.

On the GTA:V note, I’m not sure if I like who everyone has pinned as the new protagonist, I mean sure add a sense that the series is growing up but don’t make us have to play the game staring at the back of an old mans head constantly. I mean what is he going to do? Start getting chased by the police then have a heart attack because he tried running? To me he just looks a bit too old to be a playable character, I mean I hope I’m proved wrong and its not going to stop me from buying it or enjoying it because to date there isn’t a game developed by Rockstar North that I have played and not enjoyed, they turn out the greatest humor in video games, but like I said, I’m yet to be sold on the lead character (if he even is the lead character and not just someone they are using as a placeholder in promotional material) Feel free to get in touch with your views on the upcoming GTA:V in the comments below, over on Facebook or email us via the contact link below.

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Edit: just watched the GTA:V trailer again (this time in very low quality) and noticed that from behind the “protagonist”looks alot like an aged Tommy Vercetti from GTA:Vice City, just thought I’d throw it out there.