Stress Balls and Bounce Backs

Postal2, a game with morals as loose as… I’ve reached a point where I can’t say what I was going to say… well regardless there were no morals in Postal2 which made it fun as hell. It is one of those games (like Grand Theft Auto) which you pick up when everyone is driving you crazy… and then you kill everyone you see in the game.  The Postal and Grand Theft Auto series are this generations stress balls. After the announcement of Postal III a few years ago I was looking forward to having a new stress ball to add to the collection, then I heard that they were going to use the Source engine and that boosted my interest, then all of a sudden I read that they are outsourcing the game to another company and all of a sudden (in my mind at least) this meant it would probably become something completely un-Postal-y. Granted at this point it has been out for a while and I still haven’t played it so I will reserve judgment until I have played through it but I was on the Running With Scissors site earlier and stumbled upon a post from the beginning of the month in which they say

“We would like to say though, that RWS are very much alive and well.  Outsourcing PIII to another developer was a mistake for sure, but we will bounce back stronger than ever.
And hey, we didn’t think the movie was that bad.”

This doesn’t fill me with confidence, when a company says that outsourcing a game was a mistake it does tend to mean that even they feel like the game wasn’t what they had wanted it to be or it wasn’t a worthy follow up to Postal 2. Either way I’m still going to play it and chances are I’ll still enjoy it, but the question is, will it knock Postal2 off the top of the stress relief chart or will it be played once and thrown into a corner never to be installed again? Only time will tell on this one. I was glad to read that Running With Scissors were alive though and that they will “bounce back stronger than ever” which to me implies a Postal 4 won’t be too far away and this time it will be developed by them.

Also here’s hoping for a 2nd Postal movie, yes the first one was offensive and crazy but that’s what the Postal series is and if your offended by the Postal games and movie or any game or movie for that matter, the simple solution is to just not watch or play them. I don’t like horror, I’m a big wimp when it comes to that sort of thing so I avoid playing horror games or watching horror movies and generally if I stay away from them, they stay away from me. This is why you will rarely see me post anything about the Resident Evil or Silent Hill series on here, leave that for other people.

Although I did recently download the Resident Evil 6 demo from PSN and I have to say playing through Chris’ part wasn’t too bad so I might try some of the other campaigns in the demo. Since I don’t do horror the only form of back story I have about the characters is from the film series so I’m used to Chris being played by Wentworth Miller so every time you see him you instantly think of Michael Scofield and Prison Break so playing as a Chris who isn’t like Wentworth’s film version of Chris and has a whole backstory which I’m clueless on is a big jump. I’m sure one day I’ll stop being such a wimp and play through the Resident Evil games and understand what’s going on but all I know is that Umbrella Corp. are evil and released the T-Virus, the rest is a blur.

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