Grand Theft Anniversary, 15 Years On.

In other GTA news, GameSpot are having  a GTA Anniversary show featuring the original Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. It starts in just under an hour and will feature streams of both with the usual ‘Now Playing’ banter. If you miss it (like I unfortunately will) don’t worry because most of the time you can catch up after its finished. It’s hard to believe that we’ve had the Grand Theft Auto series with us for 15 years at this point and its still going as strong as it is, a new release around the corner and the ability to release 1 trailer then give no other information and everyone is still hyped up about it. The GTA series is one of the last great series from the 1990’s that is around, most others have changed beyond recognition at this point and only offer very subtle hints to their past.

To watch the show live head over to the GameSpotUK site via the link below

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